Core Values

There is a Spectrum way of doing things.  How we behave.  What we value.  Spectrum Plastics Group quickly turns engineering concepts into high quality products by listening to your needs and thoroughly understanding your world and its demands; your aspirations to take a concept from idea to iteration in highest quality form.

Nothing Worth Doing That Isn’t Done Right.


In manufacturing, there is nothing more important than safety, and at Spectrum, we take it a step further. Safety is a discipline, like any other, and in order for it to be core, it has to be part of our culture, and guarded with vigilance.


There’s nothing worth doing that isn’t done right. And something proper is felt in the gut. You just know it; you feel it. At Spectrum Plastics Group, we emphasize right conduct, not only with our customers, but amongst ourselves, too, as a group together serving a common purpose.


Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work. And aligning our minds and efforts around visible objectives helps the team assure success. We call it ‘One Spectrum,’ in which we have one way of doing things, and that’s doing them right



Team up with multiple technologies

Spectrum Plastics Group often teams-up across technology divisions and platforms, bringing you a full suite of plastic product components and assemblies.


Thought Leadership

Value-Added Finishing & Assembly

Spectrum makes full use of “Last Touch” resources and adds finished value to extruded components.