Spectrum Plastics Group designs and manufactures life saving devices and components for the cardiac space. With a global footprint and engineer to engineer support we're able to bring your products to life.


Cardiac Applications

  • Infusion therapy products
  • Stent delivery systems
  • Steerable catheters and sheaths for trans-aortic and mitral valve applications
  • Circulation, oxygenation and filtration applications
  • From cardiovascular stainless steel stents in peelable pouches to breathable bags for filtration devices
  • Long and short Tyvek® pouches for cardiovascular guide wires and simple monitoring fitments
  • Gas monitoring tubing (also used respiratory applications)

Merger Announcement

Read more about the merger uniting Pexco Medical and Kelpac Medical as the Spectrum Plastics Group. 


Comprehensive Tubing Solutions

The Spectrum Plastics Group offers comprehensive tubing solutions for your medical device needs. 

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